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Thai Language

Thai Language is a tonal language and uses 5 tones. It originates from Southern India.
Thai has its own script and is alphabet based, (as opposed to Chinese which uses symbols for complete words) Thai has 44 consonants and 32 vowels.
Look at the table at the bottom of the page to see how school children learn the alphabet.
 Your Thai friends will be more than pleased if you make an effort to learn some basic Thai.
Here are a few Thai phrases to be going on with.
These phrases below are all from the point of view of a man speaking. It is the gender of the speaker which varies the phrase very slightly, so if you're a lady you will need to substitute the Thai word "krap" at the end for the word "kaa".

are you well?

what is your name?

are you hungry?

do you want to eat?

my name is….

it doesn’t matter

I understand

I don’t understand




thank you

no thank you

sorry (apologise)



where is the toilet?

Can I have the bill?

sa-wadee krap

sa-bai dee mai?

khun cheu arai?

 heel mai?

tarn cow mai?

 pom cheu….

mai pen rai

pom cow jai

pom mai cow jai

wan nee

prung nee

meu wan

corb khun krap

mai ow krap

kor tort krap


mai chai

hong nam you tee nai?

checkbin krap