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About Us In Issan / Esarn

Visit Issan Esarn north east Thailand on holiday vacationThe aim of our agency has always been to encourage foreigners to come and visit Issan. This started on an informal basis due to the fact that we have been living permanently here in Thailand since 1998 and then expanded to the internet due to the increasing number people enquiring about the region.

 We always aim to give impartial advice for the best interests of both parties. It is of no gain to anyone if there are dissatisfied clients on either side and we make no excuse about respectfully pointing this out.

Don’t forget that us living in Thailand makes it easier for you to be able to ask just about anything of our service while you’re here, all that distance away from home. It is comforting to know there’s a friendly Brit face available to offer advice while you’re in Thailand, rather than being reliant on either phone calls back to the UK, or asking locals for advice (no disrespect intended).

So Why Are We Based In Udon?

Udon as it is also known is located in the Northeast of Thailand. Udon is a relaxed city, while still being worthy of being Thailand's third major city, living in Udon it's refreshing to get away from Bangkok's stagnate air and high prices. Prices in the Northeast are considerably cheaper for everything from hotels to food.

people are more friendly and have time to smile and say hello, something sadly disappearing in Bangkok and other rapidly expanding Thai cities. The pace of life is noticeably slower in Issan (the name given to the North-East region of Thailand).

feel that people here more genuine. Once they become exposed to Bangkok and some of the other touristy cities they can often lose some of their natural Thai charm. Come to Issan and meet the local population!
Visit Issan Esarn north east Thailand on holiday vacation
The more popular tourist destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, but these places tend to be overly commercialised. If you want to go to a place where you can experience some of the local people, customs, and traditions - Isaan is the place to come.

real Thailand is outside the popular tourist destinations. Northeast Thailand is often neglected by tourists so what better reason do you need to come.

55 kilometers north from Udon is Nong Khai, right on the banks of the famous Mekhong river bordering Laos.
Nong Khai has in the past been accredited as the 7th favourite place in the world to retire.
Literally across the river from Nong Khai is the country of Laos, still developing and well worth a visit.